Works performed by Earplay:

Big Brother
House and Garden Tales
It seems the trees are dancing
Jonquils/In the Meadow/Wintry Trees
Treasure from Denial
Two Poems by C.S. Hamilton
Two Poems by Stephen Kusch
Untended Variations
Untended Variations II
What Brought Me to this Frozen Pose?

The recent compositions of Peter Josheff include Nautical Man Nautical Man (2011); Sutro Tower in the Fog (2011), commissioned, premiered, and recorded by the Bernal Hill Players; Sextet (2010) and Caught Between Two Worlds (2009), both premiered by Sonic Harvest; Inferno (2008), a chamber opera produced by San Francisco Cabaret Opera in 2009; Viola and Mallets (2007), commissioned and premiered by the Empyrean Ensemble; House and Garden Tales (2006), 3 Hands (2003), and Diary (2002). His work has been performed by Earplay, the Empyrean Ensemble, the Bernal Hill Players, the Laurel Ensemble, San Francisco Cabaret Opera, Sonic Harvest, and others.

Peter has worked extensively with young composers. Through discussion and performance of their music he has brought his unique perspective as a composer’s clarinetist to graduate and undergraduate classes at UC Berkeley and Davis, Stanford University, San Francisco State University, and Sacramento State University, and for the American Composers Forum Composer in the Schools Program. His workshop, Clarinet for Composers, has been presented at the UC Davis Clarinet Festival and at an American Composers Forum seminar in San Francisco.

[from program for May 18, 2015 concert]