Descent (2014) by Edmund Campion
for violin and piano
World premiere

Descent, sounding similar to the word "dissent", features the violin playing a perfect chromatic scale from high to low. Each of the falling half-steps marks time in the long life of the Earplay Ensemble. As with long swathes of time on the human scale, the piano part slowly morphs, yet stays oddly consistent. The Baroque Affect of a descending chromatic gesture is associated with lament, something that might seem inappropriate for a celebratory piece. Although my piece does allude to sorrowful things, it also celebrates and cheers on the enduring committment that Earplay and its individual members have given to music through the years. This kind of music making is easily masked in the bright lights of our current post-internet age. Dissent on its way to resistance is celebratory! My appreciation goes out to the indomitable performers and composers who have supported and worked with Earplay over the years. With them, the descent continues. Fortunately, there are many octaves to go before all fades. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to hear my music so expertly and beautifully performed by the Earplay Ensemble over these past many years.

— E. C.    

[from program for January 19, 2015 concert]