Veil (2001) by Greg D’Alessio
for flute, violin, viola, and cello
World premiere; Earplay commission

By a certain time in one's life it cannot be avoided that people dear to you will die, but by any estimation the past year has been a hard one for my family in that has lost four of its members. The piece on tonight's concert then, is a memorial to them and, while it is not really possible to speak with certainty on the content of something so subjective and individual as music, I think it is inevitable that the emotions and thoughts bound up with loss are the central expressive aspects of the work. Thanks to Earplay for requesting the piece. Veil is dedicated to memory of Esther Bowden, Bill D'Alessio, Paul Latowski, and Owen Marshall.

— G. D'A.    

[from program for April 16, 2001 concert]