Dark Wood (2001) by Jennifer Higdon
for violin, cello, bassoon, and piano

Dark Wood (2001) is a work that features the bassoon... a wonderful instrument that does not have a tremendous amount of chamber literature. I wanted to create a work that features the bassoon prominently, but also respects it within the framework of a true chamber dialogue (along with its partners, the violin, cello, and piano). Since much of the literature for this beautiful instrument is slow moving, I made the conscious decision to explore its virtuosic abilities. While there is slow music within the piece, there is an emphasis on real "bite" within the language, rhythm and tempi. The title refers to the beauty of the bassoon's wood.

Dark Wood was commissioned in 2001 by St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble, with funds provided by The Jerome Foundation.

— J. H.    

[from program for October 20, 2008 concert]