falling through infinity (2011) by Nicholas Omiccioli
for flute, cello, and piano

falling through infinity was commissioned by Trio Kinsella and premiered at the Saint Louis New Music Circle concert series in May 2011. In terms of perspective, the work was inspired by points at infinity or vanishing points. Instrumental textures emerge and disappear from one another through the use of similar gestures and timbral relationships. In regards to the pitch material, falling through infinity is based on a single sonority of stacked triads separated by the interval of a major seventh. As the piece progresses, these triads shift between major, minor, augmented, and diminished collections through the use of falling half-steps. While this feature of the work is almost inaudible due to the superimposition of stacked triads, it was fundamental to the compositional process.

— N. O.    

[from program for March 31, 2014 concert]