This page lists 4 Earplay performances at the 01/12/2004 concert.

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Date Composer Work Year Performers
01/12/2004 Louis Karchin Orpheus 2003 Dominic Inferrera, Angela Jones, L. Jonathan Collins, Tod Brody, Peter Josheff, Lisa Weiss, Dan Reiter, Karen Rosenak, Ward Spangler, Mary Chun World premiere
01/12/2004 Lou Harrison Songs in the Forest 1992 Lisa Weiss, Ward Spangler, Karen Rosenak
01/12/2004 Jorge Liderman Swirling Streams 2002 David Tanenbaum, Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Ellen Ruth Rose, Thalia Moore, Mary Chun World premiere
01/12/2004 Hans Werner Henze New Folk Songs and Pastorals 1996 David Tanenbaum, Rufus Olivier, Terrie Baune US premiere