04-05 Season
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“….eclectic, high-quality composing and outstanding playing.”
---David Raymond, American Record Guide

“…one of the [Bay] Area’s enduring contemporary music organizations….”
--San Francisco Examiner

“…uniformly enjoyable” “[A performance] brilliantly rendered throughout”
--Joshua Kosman, SF Chronicle

“…fearless advocates for the music of their era and their own community…”
--Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Examincer, 1997

“…Rose showed a keen understanding of Kurtág’s personal idiom, with each movement given a distinct and focused effect.  She also dug into the music with an intensity that mirrors this composer’s fascination with the physical possibilities of instruments and their players.”
--Benjamin Frandzel,  San Francisco Classical Voice 3/17/03

“….Pianist Karen Rosenak performed both of these challenging works  [Incises(1994) and Notations (1945)] with splendid intensity meeting their virtuosic demands, and infusing the music with expressive insight.”
--Jules Langert, San Francisco Classical Voice 12/09/02

“…Hi Kyung Kim’s septet At the Edge of the Ocean is a major work.  Rich in musical ideas, and with a full instrumentation it’s a work of deep textures.” “…Mary Chun conducted concisely, with particularity.” “[Thalia} Moore playing with focus and keenly-directed phrasing, with [Karen] Rosenak in closest ensemble, gave it [Espace I] an absorbing performance.”
--Robert Commanday, San Francisco Classical Voice 9/8/03

“….Conductor Mary Chun led the way with energy and verve, helping to mold an outstanding performance of this original and compelling work [Orpheus].”
--Jules Langert, San Francisco Classical Voice, 1/12/04 

“……Winners of the Wayne Peterson Prize and the recently-created Donald Aird Memorial Prize, respectively, both composers led listeners into original and compelling sound worlds……”. “…. As in Oliveira's piece, conductor Mary Chun provided crisp and sensitive direction, with every line in the music clearly heard, and the players provided a performance to match.”
---Benjamin Frandzel, San Francisco Classical Voice, 5/17/04



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October 17, 2004
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