Percussionist Loren Mach is passionate about 21st century music. A graduate of the Oberlin and Cincinnati Conservatories of Music, he has premiered countless solo, chamber, and orchestral works. Mach is a principal member of Eco Ensemble, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, and Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, and co-founder of Rootstock Percussion. He often performs with the San Francisco Symphony and other Bay Area orchestras, but prefers more intimate projects with groups like Empyrean, Opera Parallèle, Earplay, and sfSound.

Mach's other passions involve our fundamental relationship to food as a form of communion with others and our interconnectedness with the natural world around us. An avid hiker, climber and cyclist, he cherishes time spent outside as an integral part of being alive.

[Photo: Vivian Sachs]

[from program for May 15, 2017 concert]