Melody of China (MoC) is a nonprofit San Francisco-based Chinese chamber ensemble begun in 1993 by a group of enthusiastic musicians from some of the finest conservatories in mainland China. Melody of China's mission is two-fold:
1) to provide rich musical entertainment through the synergy of ancient Chinese tradition with the youthful, diverse American culture; and
2) to promote classical and modern Chinese music.

MoC cofounders Hong Wang and Yangqin Zhao have succeeded in bringing Chinese instruments out of obscurity and into the mainstream of Bay Area culture. MoC concerts have broken barriers in combining traditional Chinese music with contemporary works by influential composers including Kui Dong, Gang Situ and Yuanlin Chen. MoC has embraced new work through collaboration with other artists while continuing the legacy of traditional music through innovative programs including the concert featuring Songs from Mongolia or the innovative Young Composers series, where young Bay Area composers are asked to compose music for Chinese instruments. MoC has also premiered new work for Chinese instruments and electronics including Carl Stone’s Sarris at the 2008 San Francisco International Arts Festival. MoC has been guest artists with the Berlin Philharmonic and the San Francisco Symphony and has partnered with Bay Area chamber groups including Del Sol Quartet, San Francisco Guitar Quartet, Anthony Brown’s AsianAmerican Jazz Orchestra and Francis Wong's Asian Improv aRts. Being strongly tied to the Bay Area arts community, MoC has also accompanied dance groups including Alonzo King's Lines Ballet, the Oakland Ballet and Lily Cai Dance. In addition to concert repertoire and world premieres, MoC also conducts education programs throughout the year, including the Adventures in Music (AIM) program with the San Francisco Symphony, the Young Audiences and Young Imaginations programs and a free after school music class through the California Arts Council’s Artists in Residencies program.

To learn more about Melody of China, please visit their website.

Yangqin Zhao, yangqin (hammered dulcimer): Chinese hammered dulcimer virtuoso and Executive/Artistic Director of Melody of China, Ms. Zhao is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association and the Chinese National Orchestra Society. Winner of numerous awards, she has performed at New York's Lincoln Center, and with the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic, the Women's Philharmonic and the San Francisco Symphony.

Gangqin Zhao, guzheng (zither): Guzheng soloist and touring member of Melody of China, Ms. Zhao is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association and has performed internationally in Singapore, Denmark and Germany. She is also director of the Chinese Arts and Culture Center of San Francisco where she instructs students in guzheng and other instruments.

Shenshen Zhang, pipa (lute): Pipa soloist and member of Melody of China, Ms. Zhang is a former member of the Xiamen Opera House and has performed in China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and throughout the U.S. She represented San Francisco at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Wanpeng Guo, sheng (mouth organ): Sheng soloist and Melody of China musician, Mr. Guo has performed in France, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia and North America. He has served as Sheng instructor/conductor for the Firebird Youth Orchestra of San Jose and conductor for the Great Wall Youth Orchestra in Oakland. the San Francisco Symphony.

Xian Lu, dizi (bamboo flute): Dizi soloist and Melody of China member, Mr. Lu has performed in Australia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Russia and the U.S. A master of numerous Chinese wind instruments including xiao (vertical bamboo flute), bawu (horizontal free reed flute) and xun (clay flute), Mr. Lu is guest professor of wind instruments at Laney College in Oakland, CA.

[from program for May 10, 2012 concert]