Works performed by Earplay:

Algoritmo Intuitivo

With a catalog of over 160 titles, the work of Andrea Portera explores the sound universe in an anthropological perspective, particularly in the connections that music generates between emotion and the unconscious: an extremely original production where the creative process is expressed through an "intuitive" identity even before being "stylistic".

Portera carries out an intense didactic activity at the Music School of Fiesole, where he teaches composition at the three-year university and promotes the work of many young talented composers, who are followed in their academic path and introduced to the professional world, above all through the composition competition "Veretti", designed by the same. He is a member of the Artistic Committee of the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole.

Portera is head of Research & Development PERLART, the section of PER Lab (Psychology, Emotions & Research Laboratory— a University of Florence spin-off in partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence) which deals with emotional intelligence, art and creativity. Portera is a promoter of the Emotional Intelligence Renaissance Cultural Manifesto (EIR).