The U.C. Davis Gamelan Ensemble performs Sundanese Gamelan music from West Java, Indonesia. Gamelan are Indonesian orchestras that feature bronze gongs, chimes and other melodic percussion instruments. The Sundanese are the second largest ethnic group in multicultural Indonesia and dominate the western third of the island of Java. The Ensemble's web page is here.

The U.C. Davis Gamelan Ensemble is directed by Associate Professor Henry Spiller, chairman of the Department of Music. Henry Spiller is an ethnomusicologist whose research focuses on Sundanese music and dance from West Java, Indonesia. He is interested particularly in investigating how individuals deploy music and dance in their personal lives to articulate ethnic, gender, and national identities. He has studied Sundanese music and dance for more than 30 years, and he has conducted fieldwork in Bandung, West Java, on many occasions. His web page is here.


[from program for May 18, 2015 concert]