Works performed by Earplay:

Quartet, Op. 41

Wang Xi-lin (b.1936 in China) spent his childhood and early youth in the poverty-stricken Pingliang County of Gansu province, where he learned to play the organ and to read music in a local Catholic primary school. He learned to play various brass instruments and the basic theory of music after joining a small art troupe of the People's Liberation Army that was passing through his town. His musical abilities were recognized and he was sent to study in the Army Band Music Conductors School in Beijing and Shanghai, where he was introduced to European classic music. At the Shanghai Conservatory he learned formal composition techniques. He spent twenty-one years during the Cultural Revolution in exile in the Shanxi Province. During the last seven years of his exile he worked as a conductor of the Southeast Shanxi Singing and Dancing Troupe in Changzhi city. In 1978 he returned to Beijing as the resident composer of the Beijing Singing and Dancing Troupe.

[from program for May 23, 2005 concert]