Earplay presented the 13 concerts and videos listed below at ODC since 1985.


Date Venue Title Composers
02/04/2013 ODC An Experimental Station Ran, Schoenberg, Hurtado, Zbyszynski, Cage, Ueno Works Docs
03/18/2013 ODC I Owe Very, Very Much to Mozart Carter, Kuehn, Sevilla, Yao Chen, Schoenberg, Josheff Works Docs
05/20/2013 ODC One Must Believe in One's Inspiration Miller, Schoenberg, Alessandrini, Tôn-Thât Tiêt, Festinger Works Docs
02/10/2014 ODC music begins where poetry leaves off Callaway, Crumb, Diesendruck, Reiter, Schiff Works Docs
03/31/2014 ODC rhythm affects our central nervous system Crumb, Omiccioli, Winges, Ahn, Hersh Works Docs
05/19/2014 ODC being true to one's self MacCallum, Crumb, Ivanova, Tharp Works Docs
01/19/2015 ODC rhythm is a conception Cowell, Bouchard, Kasem, Lang, Aberdam, Campion, Shearer, Eshima, Kim, Cowell Works Docs
03/16/2015 ODC the part of us that opens up to art Riley, Bauer, Jones, Festinger, Tacke, Chen Yi Works Docs
05/18/2015 ODC my compositional tools on my sleeve Harrison, Galindo, Josheff, Peterson, Na, Lucero, Bennett, Tzortzis Works Docs
03/14/2016 ODC Surprise and Enigma Aird, Kwong-Brown, Bielawa, Chang, Wolpe Works Docs
05/16/2016 ODC From Here on Farther Fung, Bacchetto, Wolpe, Hyla Works Docs
03/20/2017 ODC Wind Jacob, Takemitsu, Yip, Takemitsu, Bouchard Works Docs
05/15/2017 ODC Water Liberatore, Cox, Takemitsu, Bruckmann, Moe Works Docs