Earplay presented the 7 concerts and videos listed below at Taube since 1985.


Date Venue Title Composers
02/05/2018 Taube A Delicate Arrangement of Sounds Bennett, Bedrossian, Grime, Festinger Works Docs
02/25/2018 Taube West Edge Opera Snapshot Works Docs
03/19/2018 Taube Magnetic Commentaries Dashow, Hynninen, Ivanova, Godsil, Festinger Works Docs
02/11/2019 Taube Mise en abyme Blumberg, Kim, Murail, Alessandrini, Nichols Works Docs
04/08/2019 Taube Sound and Shadow Murail, Jordan, Bauckholt, McCaffrey, Chang, Murail Works Docs
03/20/2022 Taube San Francisco Music Day Na, Josheff, Simon Works Docs
03/21/2022 Taube Siren Glow Balter, Logan, Catalan, Simon, Skweres, Loggins-Hull, Cardini Works Docs