Lapis Reprobatus (2015) by Jean Ahn
for flute, clarinet, and cello

Lapis Reprobatus was originally commissioned by Left Coast Chamber Ensemble in 2015 to be performed on their "Left Coast Goes to the Museum" concert. The works commissioned for this program were based on two sculptures that were housed in the de Young Museum's Gallery 16. Each of the two sculptures inspired three works by young composers. Jean Ahn's Lapis Reprobatus was inspired by Cornelia Parker's Anti-Mass sculpture, which represents the charred remains of an Alabama Black Southern Baptist Church that was destroyed by arsonists. Per Rebecca Wishnia's San Francisco Classical Voice review, "Lapis Reprobatus depicts this brokenness through abrupt bursts of pitched and unpitched materials. The overall effect is tremendously sonorous; it exceeds the sum of its parts." The title of the piece evokes Psalm 118:22 "lapis quem reprobaverunt aedificantes factus est in caput anguli" ("The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.").

— J. A.    

[program note for video premiered November 1, 2021]