Entre Funerailles IV (2000) by Mark Applebaum
for flute

Brian Ferneyhough's Funérailles for seven strings and harp requires that its two versions be performed on the same concert but not consecutively. In this regard my series of solo works, Entre Funérailles, are hypothetical interludes to his two versions; as autonomous compositions, they may be performed independently. These pieces serve as both homage and curious aesthetic intrusion.

Entre Funérailles IV is dedicated to Helen Bledsoe who premiered it in Amsterdam in 2001. Its form is a continuous variation in which each measure can be heard as atransformation of the previous one. However, in the ultimate work, much of the narrative is missing: measures were removed and although the remaining pieces were sewn together in time, a discursive gap remains. The gap increases incrementally and then shrinks until it disappears. The process is repeated but with a degenerating maximum gap.

The idea then is that the narrative distance between adjacent measures expands and contracts, producing moments of logical consequence as well as incongruous, surreal ones. As the maximum gap contracts, so decays the ambit of narrative incongruity. In response to the assumption that music changes either gradually or suddenly, this piece oscillates progressively between gradual changes and sudden ones.

— M. A.    

[from program for November 12, 2007 concert]