Deriva, in margine a una lontananza, dimentica (2018) by Simone Cardini
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

Three moments sharply in contrast — respectively characterized by melos, brutal rhythmicity, introversion — revamped, transfigured and varied: each generates further situations, either opposed or resulting, within an ambiguity that makes it complex to inscribe each period in a teleologically interpreted time, or in a recurrent, non-vectorial cyclic nature.


Twice, just as many situations erupt revealing a dual dissipating intensity, of dark and oppressive rhythmic propagation, the former of liberating escape, the latter dispersive.

Saturated and parched, the three final tolls eventually arrive, looking back at the three initial moments, overlapping until they become synchronous.

Believing that we can free ourselves from ourselves and not stay unchanged is the instigation that led me to weave this piece's bonds through incompatible alternatives, in a desire of comprehension (never static), if not in a fleeting moment of suspension or self-loss.

— S. C.    

[from program for March 21, 2022 concert]