Spring of Chosroes (1977) by Morton Feldman
for violin and piano

Spring of Chosroes is a programmatic work based on the ancient Persian prince Chosroes I, who, according to legend, commissioned "a marvelous carpet representing a garden. The garden carpet was sixty yards square [and represented] streams and paths, trees and beautiful spring flowers." Feldman was inspired by the relationship between the carpet's natural theme and its gigantic dimensions, a relationship he sought to recreate in musical terms. To do so, he employed a relatively small amount of basic thematic material, and embroidered its variants — in pitch, register, timbre, order and rhythm — in a process of extremely gradual change on a canvas comprised of extended duration. Spring of Chosroes was commissioned by the McKim Fund of the Library of Congress, and dedicated to the American violinist Paul Zukofsky.

[from program for May 10, 2012 concert]