Heart's Ear (1997) by Liza Lim
for flute, clarinet, violin, violin, viola, and cello

The Heart's Ear. What is that? It seems at first an odd conjuntion. The heart is deep inside the body, internal. It is that which is most proper and singular to us, that from which we cannot be separated or divided. The ear is on the surface of the head, ceaselessly mediating between us and the outside world, helping us to make sense of things, transforming noise into intelligible signals. But the heart's ear, what is this to suggest? It is to propose another way of thinking all this, listening not to what is outside but to what is inside, or confusing the very distinction between the two. The heart's ear? It is the body that is the heart’s ear. It is through our body that we listen to our heart.

[Excerpt from liner notes © 1999]

— Rex Butler    

[from program for November 12, 2007 concert]