Trio 'Wortschatten' (2007) by Hèctor Parra
for violin, cello, and piano
US premiere; 2007 Earplay Donald Aird Composers Competition winner

Two concepts of musical flow are contrasted: continuous flow and suspended flow, or static motion. Thus, in the first part of this trio, violin and cello act as propellants of the speech and the piano is almost limited to create ephemeral spacious harmonics of resonance. The timid dialogue that interweave the three leads us through different climactic moments to an end of extreme textures. The roles have been inverted: the percussive attacks in the piano structures a speech each time but cut off and abrupt. The strings are extinguished little by little in the sharp and serious extreme, as if leaving threads of resonance.

— H. P.    

[from program for May 28, 2008 concert]