Algoritmo Intuitivo (2012) by Andrea Portera
for flute, violin, and piano
2022 Earplay Donald Aird Composers Competition winner

The algorithm is a process of events that are repeated cyclically creating a phenomenon with a precise identity. This trio tries to transform a creative intuition into an algorithm, so that the material born of instinct is analyzed and becomes the DNA, in macro and micro, of the entire work. The initial inspiration was very quick and elusive: it offered me ethnic colors and scents, distorted dream images, physiological sounds, distant memories of my first childhood listening to classical music. I analyzed all these "intuitive" elements and organized them in a musical narrative process, considering them all parts of a single "algorithm". I perceive the whole piece as a ritual that proposes unconscious visions, but organized in a precise cyclical, spiral-shaped sequence.

— A. P.    

[from program for May 15, 2023 concert]