This page lists 5 Earplay performances at the 09/08/2003 concert.

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Date Composer Work Year Performers
09/08/2003 Younghi Pagh-Paan Die Insel Schwimmt 1997 Karen Rosenak, Tim Dent US premiere
09/08/2003 Isang Yun Espace I 1992 Thalia Moore, Karen Rosenak
09/08/2003 Hyo-shin Na Ocean/Shore 2 2003 Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Kurt Rohde, Dan Reiter World premiere
09/08/2003 Earl Kim Scenes from a Movie, Part 1, The Seventh Dream 1986 Ki Yeon Cho, Hugh Russell, Lisa Weiss, Thalia Moore, Karen Rosenak, Mary Chun
09/08/2003 Hi Kyung Kim At the Edge of the Ocean 2001/2003 Tod Brody, Peter Josheff, Terrie Baune, Kurt Rohde, Dan Reiter, Victor Avdienko, Ward Spangler, Mary Chun