Earplay video

This page lists the files in the Earplay digital video archive (186 unedited videos and 86 edited videos) in chronological order. It includes videos produced by Earplay as well as archival video from most Earplay concerts since 2014, plus a few older concerts. Audio in raw files is audio recorded by the videocam, not high-quality recorded audio. The Earplay audio archive contains CD-quality digital audio files.

Earplay video files are not directly accessible from this page. Some Earplay videos are openly posted on the Audio/Video page and on the Earplay YouTube channel.

Time: 57:00:59
File Work Time Comments
cooked/Chun/Chun.cdr 11:32 Chun: Ondes Martenot
cooked/Chun/Chun.m4v 11:32 Chun: Ondes Martenot
cooked/Lucero/Lucero_1.cdr 1:02:26 Lucero: Wuornos — Act 1
cooked/Lucero/Lucero_2.cdr 1:10:00 Lucero: Wuornos — Act 2
raw/20030908/Talk.mp4 27:39 preconcert talk: Aldag, Na, H.K. Kim
raw/20030908/Intro.mp4 1:41 Chun
raw/20030908/Pagh_Paan.mp4 Pagh-Paan: Die Insel Schwimmt 9:01
raw/20030908/Yun.mp4 Yun: Espace I 13:19
raw/20030908/Na1.mp4 Na: Ocean/Shore 2 17:19
raw/20030908/KimE.mp4 Kim: Scenes from a Movie, Part 1, The Seventh Dream 17:22
raw/20030908/Award.mp4 3:01 Festinger
raw/20030908/KimH1.mp4 Kim: At the Edge of the Ocean 26:24
raw/20110328/Talk.mov 2:12 preconcert talk: Jones, Lin, Lou [end only]
raw/20110328/Harvey.mov Harvey: Tombeau de Messiaen 7:33
raw/20110328/Lou.mov Lou: Alluvium 0:33 fragment only
raw/20110328/Lin.mov Lin: Friction 8:37
raw/20110328/Intro_1.mov 0:12 Chun [beg.]
raw/20110328/Intro_2.mov 2:44 Chun [conc.]
raw/20110328/Carter_1_of_2.mov Carter: Triple Duo 12:01 [beg.]
raw/20110328/Carter_2_of_2.mov Carter: Triple Duo 11:21 [conc.]
cooked/20110328/Carter8.mp4 Carter: Triple Duo 22:04 uses camcorder audio (credits wrong)
raw/20121207/Melody_of_China.cdr 38:40 Melody of China / Earplay: 12:40 to 32:40
raw/20140210/Diesendruck6_reh_1.mpg 0:47 rehearsal
raw/20140210/Diesendruck6_reh_2.mpg 2:13 rehearsal
raw/20140210/Diesendruck_reh_3.mpg 27:23 rehearsal
raw/20140210/Callaway2_reh_1.mpg 8:47 rehearsal
raw/20140210/Callaway2_reh_2.mpg 1:05 rehearsal
raw/20140210/Callaway2_reh_3.mpg 7:25 rehearsal
raw/20140210/Talk.mpg 21:31 preconcert talk: Bennett, Callaway, Reiter
raw/20140210/Audience.mpg 0:53 audience
raw/20140210/Schiff2.mp4 Schiff: Joycesketch II 5:24
raw/20140210/Callaway2.mp4 Callaway: Memory Palace 13:30
cooked/20140210/Callaway2.mp4 Callaway: Memory Palace 13:34
raw/20140210/Reiter2.mpg Reiter: Sonata for Flute and Harp 17:35
cooked/20140210/Reiter2.mp4 Reiter: Sonata for Flute and Harp 12:36
raw/20140210/Crumb4.mp4 Crumb: Sonata for Solo Violoncello 12:40
raw/20140210/Diesendruck6.mp4 Diesendruck: On That Day 10:21 hiccup at track splice
raw/20140331/Winges10.mov Winges: Local Colloquies 8:44
raw/20140519/Talk.mpg 19:18 preconcert talk: Bennett, Ivanova, MacCallum, Tharp
raw/20140519/Intro.mpg 1:47 Chun
raw/20140519/MacCallum.mpg MacCallum: Hyphos 10:52
raw/20140519/Crumb6.mp4 Crumb: Eleven Echoes of Autumn, 1965 20:03
cooked/20140519/Crumb6.mp4 Crumb: Eleven Echoes of Autumn, 1965 19:39
raw/20140519/Ivanova.mp4 Ivanova: Three Studies in Uneven Meters 6:41
raw/20140519/Ivanova.mpg Ivanova: Three Studies in Uneven Meters 6:41
raw/20140519/Tharp.mp4 Tharp: Piano Trio 16:11
raw/20140519/Tharp.mpg Tharp: Piano Trio 16:11
raw/20150316/Talk.mpg 28:41 preconcert talk: Bennett, Bauer, Festinger, Jones, Tacke
raw/20150316/Intro.mpg 4:02 Chun
raw/20150316/Riley.mpg Riley: String Trio 13:47
raw/20150316/Bauer9.mpg Bauer: Pas de Deux 8:02
raw/20150316/Jones2.mpg Jones: Archaeology 18:16
raw/20150316/Festinger15.mpg Festinger: Double Take 5:27
raw/20150316/Tacke.mpg Tacke: im Rückblick 19:36 with intro Ness Aird
raw/20150316/ChenYi5.mpg Chen Yi: Happy Rain on a Spring Night 14:35
raw/20150518/Talk.mpg 28:34 preconcert talk: Bennett, Galindo, Josheff, Lucero, Spiller
cooked/20150518/Lucero_Talk.mp4 7:28 Lucero talks with Bennett
raw/20150518/Intro1.mpg 1:47 Rosenberg
raw/20150518/Intro2.mpg 4:13 Chun
raw/20150518/HarrisonL4.mpg Harrison: Threnody for Carlos Chávez 2:20 beginning missing; conclusion only
raw/20150518/Galindo2.mpg Galindo: Plink! 5:26
cooked/20150518/Galindo2.mp4 Galindo: Plink! 5:19
raw/20150518/Josheff12.mpg Josheff: Big Brother 5:13
cooked/20150518/Josheff12.mp4 Josheff: Big Brother 5:03
raw/20150518/Peterson11.mpg Peterson: Brief Encounters 5:16
cooked/20150518/Peterson11.mp4 Peterson: Brief Encounters 4:53
raw/20150518/Na1.mpg Na: Ocean/Shore 2 17:31
cooked/20150518/Na1.mp4 Na: Ocean/Shore 2 16:31
raw/20150518/Lucero.mpg Lucero: El Castillo Interior: The Interior Castle 13:07
cooked/20150518/Lucero.mp4 Lucero: El Castillo Interior: The Interior Castle 12:04
raw/20150518/Bennett2.mpg Bennett: twasome 5:55
cooked/20150518/Bennett2.mp4 Bennett: twasome 5:07
raw/20150518/Tzortzis2.mpg Tzortzis: Emak-Bakia 17:29
cooked/20150518/Tzortzis2.mp4 Tzortzis: Emak-Bakia 15:24
raw/20160201/Herbst.cdr 1:51:43 Herbst's video
raw/20160201/Wolpe2.mpg Wolpe: Sonata für Klavier 25:01 with intros Rosenberg, Scofield, Chun
cooked/20160201/Wolpe2.mp4 Wolpe: Sonata für Klavier 14:28
raw/20160201/Sawyer2.mpg Sawyer: Masquerade 11:30
raw/20160201/Ran4_Imbrie2.mpg Ran: Perfect Storm
Imbrie: Earplay Fantasy
48:56 with intros Rosenberg, Massi, Chun, Festinger
raw/20160201/Ran4.mp4 Ran: Perfect Storm 11:00
cooked/20160201/Imbrie2.mp4 Imbrie: Earplay Fantasy 22:00
raw/20160222/Rehearsal1.avi 0:26 rehearsal [clip]
raw/20160222/Rehearsal2.avi 0:07 rehearsal [clip]
raw/20160222/Rehearsal3.avi 0:45 rehearsal [clip]
raw/20160516/Talk1.mts 23:16 preconcert talk [beg.]: Bennett, Bacchetto, Fung
raw/20160516/Talk2.mts 1:48 preconcert talk [conc.]
raw/20160516/Intro1.mts 0:59 Rosenberg
raw/20160516/Intro2.mts 1:27 Rose
raw/20160516/Fung.mts Fung: Birdsong 12:12
cooked/20160516/Fung.mp4 Fung: Birdsong 10:22
raw/20160516/Bacchetto.mts Bacchetto: Redintegration 17:13
raw/20160516/Applause.mts 0:50 bows/applause
raw/20160516/Wolpe4.mts Wolpe: From Here on Farther 7:37
cooked/20160516/Wolpe4.mp4 Wolpe: From Here on Farther 6:48
raw/20160516/Hyla4_1_of_2.mts Hyla: My Life on the Plains 17:13 [beg.]
raw/20160516/Hyla4_2_of_2.mts Hyla: My Life on the Plains 12:21 [conc.]
raw/20170130/Talk.mp4 0:25 preconcert talk [clip]: Bennett, Josheff, San Martin
raw/20170130/Takemitsu3.mp4 Takemitsu: Romance 6:08
cooked/20170130/Takemitsu3.mp4 Takemitsu: Romance 4:54
raw/20170130/Ruehr.mp4 Ruehr: Blackberries 12:46
raw/20170130/SanMartin3.mp4 San Martin: Fray 13:58
raw/20170130/Takemitsu2.mp4 Takemitsu: Air 8:42
cooked/20170130/Takemitsu2.mp4 Takemitsu: Air 7:20
raw/20170130/Ko.mp4 Ko: Plush Earth in Four Pieces 12:52
raw/20170130/Josheff13.mp4 Josheff: Sextet 20:25
cooked/20170130/Josheff13.mp4 Josheff: Sextet 17:58
raw/20170320/Jacob.mp4 Jacob: Metamorphosis I 10:38
raw/20170320/Takemitsu6.mp4 Takemitsu: Toward the Sea III 12:45
cooked/20170320/Takemitsu6.mp4 Takemitsu: Toward the Sea III 11:48
raw/20170320/Intro.mp4 2:25 Rosenberg, Ness Aird
raw/20170320/Yip.mp4 Yip: Insight II 9:21
cooked/20170320/Yip.mp4 Yip: Insight II 7:42
cooked/20170320/Yip_Commentary.mp4 Yip: Insight II 10:50 with commentary
raw/20170320/Takemitsu4.mp4 Takemitsu: And then I knew 'twas Wind 14:12
cooked/20170320/Takemitsu4.mp4 Takemitsu: And then I knew 'twas Wind 13:05
raw/20170320/Bouchard4.mp4 Bouchard: Second Survival 14:00
cooked/20170320/Bouchard4.mp4 Bouchard: Second Survival 12:05 venue ODC (credits wrong)
raw/20170515/Talk.mp4 28:01 preconcert talk: Bennett, Bruckmann, Cox, Moe
raw/20170515/Liberatore.mp4 Liberatore: while I sleep 4:25
raw/20170515/Cox5.mp4 Cox: Lift-up-over sounding 11:00
cooked/20170515/Cox5.mp4 Cox: Lift-up-over sounding 9:30
raw/20170515/Takemitsu5.mp4 Takemitsu: Between Tides 16:08
cooked/20170515/Takemitsu5.mp4 Takemitsu: Between Tides 14:42
raw/20170515/Bruckmann.mp4 Bruckmann: centripetals/centrifugals 10:02
raw/20170515/Moe8.mp4 Moe: Tough Songs about Death 22:25
raw/20180205/Talk1.mp4 16:14 preconcert talk [beg.]: Bennett, Bedrossian, Festinger
raw/20180205/Talk2.mp4 11:05 preconcert talk [conc.]
cooked/20180205/Festinger_Talk.mp4 9:53 Festinger talks with Bennett
raw/20180205/Bennett3.mp4 Bennett: Small Art 14:38 with Bennett intro
raw/20180205/Bedrossian.mp4 Bedrossian: I’m nobody! Who are you? 10:15
raw/20180205/Grime.mp4 Grime: Three Whistler Miniatures 16:01
raw/20180205/Festinger16_1_of_2.mp4 Festinger: The Coming of Age 16:12 intermission/intro/Festinger [beg.]
raw/20180205/Festinger16_2_of_2.mp4 Festinger: The Coming of Age 16:12 Festinger [conc.]
raw/20180205/Applause.mp4 0:48
cooked/20180205/Festinger16_M1.mp4 Festinger: The Coming of Age 5:46 Festinger [movement 1]
cooked/20180205/Festinger16_M3.mp4 Festinger: The Coming of Age 4:54 Festinger [movement 3]
cooked/20180205/Festinger16_M4.mp4 Festinger: The Coming of Age 8:13 Festinger [movement 4]
raw/20180319/Talk.mts 26:28 preconcert talk: Bennett, Festinger, Godsil, Ivanova
raw/20180319/Dashow2.mts Dashow: Soundings in Pure Duration n.4 15:08 with Rose intro
raw/20180319/Hynninen.mts Hynninen: Glow within 10:08
raw/20180319/Intro1.mts 2:33 Ivanova
raw/20180319/Ivanova2.mts Ivanova: Sagittarius 8:35
cooked/20180319/Ivanova2.mp4 Ivanova: Sagittarius 6:17
raw/20180319/Intro2.mts 2:11 Ness Aird prize
cooked/20180319/Godsil_Talk.mp4 7:54 Godsil talks with Bennett
raw/20180319/Godsil.mts Godsil: Aeropittura 10:28
cooked/20180319/Godsil.mp4 Godsil: Aeropittura 8:06
raw/20180319/Intro3.mts 1:50 Festinger
raw/20180319/Festinger14.mts Festinger: Kleinen doch emsigen 18:40
raw/20180430/Winges11.mp4 Winges: Night-Voiced 11:16 with Winges intro
raw/20180430/Yu.mp4 Yu: Pnema 11:31
raw/20180430/OrtizP4.mp4 Ortiz: and all the phonies go mad with joy 13:57
raw/20180430/Ercetin.mp4 Erçetin: Resonances (b): Tella 13:00
raw/20180430/Festinger17.mp4 Festinger: The Way Things Go 15:42
cooked/20180430/Festinger17.mp4 Festinger: The Way Things Go 12:43
raw/20190211/Talk.mpg 28:31 preconcert talk: Bennett, Alessandrini, Blumberg, Kim, Nichols
cooked/20190211/Blumberg_Talk.mp4 3:25 Blumberg talks with Bennett
raw/20190211/Blumberg3.mpg Blumberg: Aura 12:03
cooked/20190211/Blumberg3.mp4 Blumberg: Aura 11:07
raw/20190211/KimH4_interrupted.mpg Kim: Untamed Brush I 4:55 broken string
raw/20190211/KimH4.mpg Kim: Untamed Brush I 11:12
cooked/20190211/KimH4.mp4 Kim: Untamed Brush I 10:22
raw/20190211/Murail2.mpg Murail: Paludes 12:50
cooked/20190211/Murail2.mp4 Murail: Paludes 11:42
raw/20190211/Alessandrini2.mpg Alessandrini: Hommage à Purcell 8:14
raw/20190211/NicholsC.mpg Nichols: Flutter, Pulse, and Flight 17:29
raw/20190408/Murail5.mp4 Murail: Les Ruines circulaires 14:08 with Festinger intro
cooked/20190408/Murail5.mp4 Murail: Les Ruines circulaires 6:44
raw/20190408/Jordan.mp4 Jordan: Feel 13:35
raw/20190408/Bauckholt.mp4 Bauckholt: String Trio 15:38
raw/20190408/McCaffrey.mp4 McCaffrey: Here Come the Waterworks 13:20
raw/20190408/ChangYH.mp4 Chang: Frozen Sparkles 6:36
cooked/20190408/ChangYH.mp4 Chang: Frozen Sparkles 5:04
raw/20190408/Murail4.mp4 Murail: Garrigue 10:49
cooked/20190408/Murail4.mp4 Murail: Garrigue 9:33
raw/20190520/Wilson2.mp4 Wilson: Andy's Chorus 15:17
raw/20190520/Li.mp4 Li: The Dunhuang Lovers 15:24
raw/20190520/Hovatter.mp4 Hovatter: Flowers by the Sea 8:54
raw/20190520/Murail3.mp4 Murail: Treize Couleurs du soleil couchant 15:51
cooked/20190520/Murail3.mp4 Murail: Treize Couleurs du soleil couchant 15:12
raw/20200210/Intro1.mp4 1:45 Rose
raw/20200210/Camsuzou.mp4 Camsuzou: Twilit 6:57
cooked/20200210/Camsuzou.mp4 Camsuzou: Twilit 5:53
raw/20200210/Bennett4.mp4 Bennett: the art of disappearing 13:51
cooked/20200210/Bennett4.mp4 Bennett: the art of disappearing 12:30
raw/20200210/SanMartin3.mp4 San Martin: Fray 13:52
cooked/20200210/SanMartin3.mp4 San Martin: Fray 11:52
raw/20200210/Intro2.mp4 3:53 Rose intro; Ness Aird intro
cooked/20200210/Cohen.mp4 Cohen: Late Shadow 16:57 Gilad Cohen's video
raw/20200210/Saariaho3_pre.mp4 0:54
raw/20200210/Saariaho3.mp4 Saariaho: Terrestre 13:17
cooked/20200210/Saariaho3.mp4 Saariaho: Terrestre 11:45
cooked/20200803/Josheff14.mp4 Josheff: September 10:07 with Baune and Josheff commentary
cooked/20201102/Chaigne_Brody.mp4 4:17 Brody talks about Chaigne
cooked/20201102/Chaigne.mp4 Chaigne: Hymne I 6:49
cooked/20201209/Brody_Talk.mp4 1:42 Brody testimonial
cooked/20201209/ChenYi_Talk.mp4 0:58 Chen Yi testimonial
cooked/20201209/Gala.mp4 42:10 Gala 2010
cooked/20201209/Garrop_Talk.mp4 1:15 Garrop talks
cooked/20201209/Garrop2.mp4 Garrop: Phoenix Rising 11:17
cooked/20201209/Magnan_Talk.mp4 3:41 Magnan talks
cooked/20201209/Magnan_Talk_clip.mp4 1:32 Magnan talks [excerpt]
cooked/20201209/Magnan_Talk_complete.mp4 3:44 Magnan talks [complete]
cooked/20201209/Magnan.mp4 Magnan: Mirages 10:16
cooked/20201209/Ran_Talk.mp4 37:03 Ran talks with Rose
cooked/20201209/Ran_Talk_clip.mp4 1:37 Ran talks [excerpt]
cooked/20201209/Ran4.mp4 Ran: Perfect Storm 10:54
cooked/20210201/Garrop2_Commentary.mp4 18:55 with Baune and Garrop commentary
cooked/20210306/Takemitsu5_Commentary.mp4 Takemitsu: Between Tides 24:17 curated by Festinger
cooked/20210405/Ortiz_interview_long.mp4 34:46 Rose interviews Ortiz [long]
cooked/20210405/Ortiz_interview_short 5:23 Rose interviews Ortiz [short]
cooked/20210405/OrtizP5.mp4 Ortiz: Le vrai tango argentin 5:14
cooked/20210503/Bouchard_Talk.mp4 8:54 Bouchard talks with Rose
raw/20210607/Na_Zoom.mp4 11:24 Na talks with Rose [unedited]
cooked/20210607/Na_Interview.mp4 7:37 Na talks with Rose
cooked/20210630/Catalan.mp4 Catalan: Light, Smoke, and Siren Glow of Mist 9:45
cooked/20210630/Catalan_Talk.mp4 1:36 Catalan talks
cooked/20210706/Festinger18.mp4 Festinger: Upon the Viol 8:14
cooked/20210802/Conklin.mp4 Conklin: I Am Not Prokofiev 4:24
cooked/20210906/Schoenberg2.mp4 Schoenberg: String Trio, Op. 45 19:14
cooked/20210004/Na6.mp4 Na: Weaving Variations 6:42
cooked/20210004/Na6_Talk.mp4 1:49 Na talks
cooked/20211101/Ahn2.mp4 Ahn: Lapis Reprobatus 7:32
cooked/20220103/Imbrie7.mp4 Imbrie: Short Story 12:08
cooked/20220103/Imbrie_Tom_Talk.mp4 2:24 Tom talks about Imbrie
cooked/20220207/Lerdahl2.mp4 Lerdahl: Reflection 3:50
cooked/20220307/Wolpe2.mp4 Wolpe: Sonata für Klavier 14:28
cooked/20220307/Wolpe4.mp4 Wolpe: From Here on Farther 6:48
raw/20220321/Atrium_complete.mp4 2:20:18 Atrium Theater video
raw/20220321/Balter.mp4 Balter: à vis 9:49
raw/20220321/Cardini.mp4 Cardini: Deriva, in margine a una lontananza, dimentica 11:28
raw/20220321/Catalan.mp4 Catalan: Light, Smoke, and Siren Glow of Mist 10:57
raw/20220321/Logan.mp4 Logan: A Certain Slant of Light 7:37
raw/20220321/LogginsHull.mp4 Loggins-Hull: Homeland 5:25
raw/20220321/Simon.mp4 Simon: Lickety Split 7:35
raw/20220321/Skweres.mp4 Skweres: Elusive Thoughts 11:26
raw/20220509/Intro1.mp4 2:00 Bennett intro
raw/20220509/Esmail.mp4 Esmail: Nadiya 8:22
raw/20220509/Garrop2.mp4 Garrop: Phoenix Rising 12:44
raw/20220509/Leon.mp4 León: A Tres Voces 13:35
raw/20220509/Intro2.mp4 5:40 Bennett intro
raw/20220509/Conklin.mp4 Conklin: I Am Not Prokofiev 6:22
raw/20220509/Pelo2.mp4 Pelo: Abandoned 27:51
raw/20221017/Intro.mp4 2:02 Bennett intro
raw/20221017/Na5.mp4 Na: To the Ice Mountains 12:25
raw/20221017/Lerdahl2.mp4 Lerdahl: Reflection 3:30
raw/20221017/Sorey.mp4 Sorey: For Fred Lerdahl 11:08
raw/20221017/Imbrie6.mp4 Imbrie: Dream Sequence 23:43
raw/20221017/Na5_rf.mp4 Na: To the Ice Mountains 12:47
raw/20221017/Lerdahl2_rf.mp4 Lerdahl: Reflection 4:02
raw/20221017/Sorey_rf.mp4 Sorey: For Fred Lerdahl 11:44
raw/20221017/Imbrie6_rf.mp4 Imbrie: Dream Sequence 24:58
raw/20221017/O1C.mp4 1:24:39 Old First video
raw/20230123/Almetus.mp4 Almétus: Tounen 11:56
raw/20230123/Magnan.mp4 Magnan: Mirages 11:25
raw/20230123/Bouchard5.mp4 Bouchard: Katakana 9:19
raw/20230123/Aldag2.mp4 Aldag: Songs of Majnūn Leyla 17:33
raw/20230123/Intro.mp4 28:45 Preconcert talk: Bennett/Aldag/Almetus/Bouchard
raw/20230123/Almetus.mp4 Almétus: Tounen 12:24
raw/20230123/Magnan.mp4 Magnan: Mirages 15:40
raw/20230123/Bouchard5.mp4 Bouchard: Katakana 11:16
raw/20230123/Aldag2.mp4 Aldag: Songs of Majnūn Leyla 18:58
raw/20230327/Salonen.mp4 Salonen: knock, breathe, shine 15:00
raw/20230327/Festinger19.mp4 Festinger: James Joyce Settings 13:50
raw/20230327/Whitley.mp4 Whitley: Three Pieces 11:20
raw/20230327/Rocha.mp4 Rocha: Scenes of Night 09:30
raw/20230327/Schwendinger.mp4 Schwendinger: A Flock Ascending 15:15
raw/20230515/Cannon.mp4 Cannon: Parietal Eye 09:35
raw/20230515/Portera.mp4 Portera: Algoritmo Intuitivo 07:54
raw/20230515/Ahn2.mp4 Ahn: Lapis Reprobatus 07:53
raw/20230515/Banks.mp4 Banks: A Bonsai Garden, Set VII 19:51
raw/20230515/KimJ.mp4 Kim: Once Upon a Time 10:03